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MYYTY Leica Summicron-R 35mm f/2 Type II

Keskustelu osiossa 'Myydään' , aloittajana Locutus, 1 Joulukuu 2019.

  1. Locutus

    Locutus Member

    Myytävä tuote: Leica Summicron-R 35mm f/2 E55 Type II
    Hinta: 750 EUR
    Paikkakunta: Helsinki / Kallio
    Tuotteen kuvaus: Used
    Tuotteen kunto: Mint
    Toimitusehdot: Nuotu, posti
    Yhteydenottotavat: Denny.Syed[Aaaat]Signanthealth{dot}com or call/ whatsapp: +358406352214

    Lens is in near-mint condition, glass is perfect, no worn out markings, focus is perfectly smooth, aperture is clean and clicks perfectly, integrated lens hood works as it should.

    This is the second Mandler designed version, contrasty and from wide open with beautiful bokeh. One of the jewels in the R system and when adapting to digital better then a Summicron-M, no colour shifts or corner blurring. Takes standard 55mm filters.

    Classic Leica look and performance without murdering your bank account.

    Used for many years on both Film (Leica R9) and Digital (Panasonic S1), selling due to downscaling 35mm film equipment.

    Mount is 3 cam version, for digital this doesn't matter but for analogue this means it can be used on all Leica R bodies with full functionality.

    Lens can be picked up from either Kamppi (work hours) or Kallio.

    Try before purchasing is fine

    Alas, no sample images this time. I used this lens almost exclusively for people photography, and i don't want to post other peoples pictures on an advertisement.

  2. Locutus

    Locutus Member